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If You’ve Lost a Tooth, Dental Implants Are The Best Restorative Treatment For Your Oral Health

Unlike other forms of restorative dentistry, the dental implant treatment is the most comprehensive restorative treatment available. The dental implant itself is a titanium post, surgically inserted into your jaw to mimic a tooth root. Once your jaw has healed around the implant an implant crown, bridge or denture can be affixed to the dental implant – restoring your smile.

A Whole-tooth Replacement

Replacing a missing tooth is not just about aesthetics, or looking after the rest of your teeth. Replacing a missing tooth is about looking after your oral health is general: it’s about ensuring that your jawbone stays healthy, your gums stay healthy and your remaining teeth don’t start to shift because of the gap in your teeth.

That is why dental implants are such an advantageous restorative treatment. Dental implants look after your whole tooth, which means that your jaw, gums and teeth all benefit from the dental implant. Do you know what happens to your jaw when you lose a tooth?

Your jawbone starts to deteriorate.

To be more accurate, the bone that ‘holds’ the tooth root in place starts to gradually dissolve, and it does not grow back. In fact if the jawbone deterioration is bad enough you may require a bone graft prior to dental implant treatment so that there can be adequate jawbone for the dental implant to fix to.

There are a number of health issues that can be caused by tooth loss (just as there are a number of health issues that can cause tooth loss, for example: gum (periodontal) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults). Other issues include:

  • As we’ve already mentioned, jawbone deterioration can occur—which in turn can cause further tooth loss
  • Teeth shift to fill the gap
  • Risk of gum disease increases
  • Misaligned bite (malocclusion): this can lead to further TMJ related problems

What SV Implant Centre Can Do For You

Pain shouldn’t stand between you and getting the treatment you need. At SV Implant Centre we are able to provide you with excellent pain control that so you don’t feel discomfort or pain during the treatment.

If you’re missing a tooth and want the best restorative treatment, SV Implant Centre can help you. We are able to painlessly insert the dental implants with either local or general anesthesia. If you wish to have dental implant treatment under a local anaesthetic, the procedure can be performed in the dental chair. For general anaesthesia, the procedure will be performed in a hospital.

The dental implant treatment is conducted over a number of months in order to provide your jawbone adequate time to fuse with the implant. The jawbone fusing with the implant is a process known as osseointegration. Modern dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium so there is little to no chance of your body rejecting the foreign material.

Between your jawbone fusing around the implant and the placement of the more permanent restoration, temporary replacement teeth will cover the implant for aesthetic and functional reasons. When your jawbone has fused with the dental implant, we can attach a crown or bridge and this final restoration will allow your dental implant to act as a natural tooth.

The crown or bridge will be tailor made to match your natural teeth in shade and colour so no one will even know you’ve got prosthetic teeth.

{Image: teeth or something with a toothy smile}

Suitable Candidates for Dental Implants…

When it comes to dental implant treatment it doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you:

  • Have an adequate amount of jawbone
  • Don’t have gum disease
  • Are in good overall health

Your overall health is important.  If you’re the kind of person who gets sick easily, or someone who “never” gets sick this will play a role in healing time as well as how your body accepts the implant treatment.

At SV Implant Centre in Fitzroy we provide our patients with MIS implants.  MIS is our main dental implant provider because they offer patients a number of benefits, such as:

  • Better strength
  • Increased osseointegration with the bone
  • Increased fracture resistance
  • A  success rate of over 97%

MIS dental implants are one of the worlds most advanced dental implant providers. These implants have not only increased efficiency but have also simplified the dental implant process.

Looking For the Best Tooth Replacement Treatment?

At SV Implant Centre, we recommend the implant treatment that best suits your oral health needs. Our team of dentists and specialists are all members of the Australian Dental Association are committed to providing you with the highest quality in oral care and treatment.

To find out more or to book an appointment contact us today.

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