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At SV Implant Centre we strive to combine advanced technology, esteemed professional skill and a deep care and concern for our patients. Our knowledgeable team of experts endeavour to provide you with the most educated advice when discussing your oral options. However the longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, the longer you leave yourself exposed to harmful oral conditions.

 Are you a suitable candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are an innovative and effective method for treating missing teeth or replacing your current dentures. From one missing tooth to a complete tooth loss, Dental Implants can be an effective solution for you. The only specific requirement a patient must meet before undergoing the Dental Implant process is the existence of ample bone in the areas around the missing teeth so as to act as an anchor Implant, and you also must be in good general health. In the event you do not have enough bone for this process there is another option whereby we can perform a bone graft so your implant can fuse properly and create an effective anchor point for your dental prostheses.

 What does the process of Dental Implants involve?

When treating single or multiple tooth loss caused from oral trauma, tooth decay or gum disease we can provide you a technologically advanced permanent solution. Dental Implants act as “screws” which are placed into the jawbone to replace each tooth’s missing root. Each Implant is made from ‘grade 5’ titanium alloy to ensure that each implant has the upmost strength. The titanium alloy offers a higher fracture resistance and malleable strength, as opposed to other Implant materials on the market.

This material is also highly compatible with the consistency of your jaw bone, allowing this procedure to work alongside your body’s natural functions. Due to this compatibility we can ensure that the implants create a highly bio-compatible surface, meaning that the bone is then able to completely heal  around the Implant. This is extremely important as it ensures the long-term stability of the Implant.

Over a period of three to six months your jaw bone bonds with the titanium, which creates a solid and permanent foundation for the “screw” to anchor on. Following this procedure, small posts are then applied to the implants. As they poke through the gums, the posts act as a support base for the future prosthetic teeth or fixed dentures.  The diverse nature of our Dental Implants here at SV Implant Centre in Fitzroy ultimately means this process is effective in securing a single tooth or an entire upper (maxillary) or lower (mandible) arch. Lastly, permanent crowns and bridges will need to be inserted to act as teeth, supported by your implants.

 Let us make you comfortable and confident throughout your Dental Implant procedure

This technologically advanced procedure can be performed painlessly, assuring that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.  Your comfort is of the upmost importance to us here at SV Implant Centre, which is why we offer you two virtually pain free options. Firstly, Implants can be painlessly inserted under local anaesthesia in the comfort of our dental chair.  You can also opt to go under general anaesthesia in the hospital, meaning you are asleep throughout the process. Regardless of which option you choose, we can ensure that excellent pain control will be implemented throughout the procedure to avert any discomfort.

Because your health and comfort is our main priority, we implement this procedure over a number of stages to ensure that the procedure is an effective and permanent option. We allow a sufficient amount of time for the bone to fuse with the inserted Implants, ensuring the Implants become an essential element of your jaw. This process is known as Osseo-integration. Throughout the duration of the treatment, which is conducted in several stages, our patients are able to wear temporary replacement teeth serving both aesthetic and functional purposes.

 MIS Implants

At SV Implant Centre the vast majority of procedures we perform are executed using MIS Implants. Priding ourselves on using the most exceptional quality materials, partnered with our Dental Professionals esteemed skill in their industry, we aim to provide our valued clients with world-class service.

MIS are responsible for developing some of the most advanced and progressive implants in the industry. They are also the company behind one of the first ever bone level Implants to be developed and released on the market. To ensure the highest quality implants are available for our patients, SV Implant Centre has carefully selected MIS as our main Dental Implant provider. MIS manufactured Dental Implants offers a vast array of benefits including:

  • A success rate of over 97%
  • A greater fracture resistance
  • Increased strength
  • Added Osseo-integration with the bone
  • Extensive experience in the Dental Implant industry

If you want a permanent and innovative solution for missing teeth, choose SV Implant Centre and contact us today.

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