Even if you’ve been advised that you don’t have enough bone to have dental implants, new techniques can make it possible.

New Implant Dentistry Techniques in Melbourne

Not every site where a tooth is missing is immediately suitable for placement of a dental implant.

For those people who don’t have enough bone available in which to place an implant, at SV Dental Implant Centre we offer bone augmentation procedures which we use to increase the volume of bone at that site and then go ahead and place the implants. This process is called guided bone regeneration. At SV Implant Centre we only use either synthetic bone or autogeonous bone (the patient’s own bone) to increase the bone mass at a particular site.

Why might I need a bone augmentation to have a dental implant treatment?

When a tooth is lost, the stimulus for the bone surrounding it to remain is also lost and the bone in the region progressively reabsorbs away. There can also be other causes of bone loss which lead to increased loss of bone. For example, if there was a significant infection associated with a tooth before it was removed, or if a substantial amount of bone needed to be removed in the process of removing the missing tooth, these can all exacerbate the loss of bone. Regardless of the reasons, the end result is that you have ended up without enough bone at the site where you would like to have an implant placed.

What is the augmentation process?

There are several procedures that can be used for bone augmentation. Where bone loss is less extensive, synthetic bone can be used to augment the available bone to facilitate implant placement. However, when there is a need for more substantial creation of bone mass, we use block bone grafting procedures. With block grafting, we take small pieces of bone from donor sites within the mouth or from elsewhere in the patient’s own body, and attach it to the site which we are augmenting. In both synthetic and block bone grafting procedures, the body’s own bony metabolism replaces or remodels the graft site over a period of approximately 4 months leaving mature high quality bone ready for the placement of implants.

If you are thinking about dental implants please contact our team at SV Implant Centre. We are located on the campus of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne where we have one of the most advanced dental facilities in Australia. We can assess your needs, provide treatment options, and together with you, develop a treatment plan that you are comfortable with.

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