Dental Implants May Not Be Suitable for Everyone

Suitability for Dental Implants Melbourne

Suitability for a dental implant may depend on a few factors, if you are interested in undergoing this treatment we recommend visiting our Fitzroy dental practice for a consultation…

At SV Implant Centre located on the campus of St Vincent’s Hospital in Fitzroy we provide high quality dental implants for patients seeking a solution for their missing teeth. Dental implants act as an artificial tooth root that is implanted into your jaw to provide a secure fixture for your prosthetic tooth. This means that the treatment requires surgery which is why we will assess your mouth and discuss any medical conditions along with lifestyle choices that may influence your candidacy for treatment. Generally we like to say that almost anyone can be a candidate for dental implant treatment, however we will still require a consultation to assess your mouth and discuss the treatment.

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Lifestyle choices and dental implant surgery

Did you know that smoking has been known to influence the success rate of dental implant treatment and as a result may affect your candidacy? Smoking has shown a strong relationship with oral conditions like periodontal disease, bone deterioration and tooth loss. Besides increasing your chances of developing an oral condition, nicotine has been known to have negative affects to your body’s blood flow. Research shows that nicotine reduces the level of blood flow in the mouth which can be problematic during the healing period of your implant treatment. To ensure we have successful results from our implant solutions, we encourage smokers to quit before treatment as a safety precaution.

Adequate Facial structure

After we have placed your implant into your jaw there will be a period of healing time which will allow the implant to fuse with your jawbone. This stage of the treatment is called osseointegration and the time it takes to completely fuse to your jaw will vary among patients. To ensure that your implant fuses to your jaw you will require a sufficient amount of bone available. During your oral assessment we will be able to determine whether your have an adequate facial structure for dental implant treatment.

Good oral health

Dental implant treatment is a staged procedure and requires your mouth to heal around the implant to secure its position. For your gums to heal around the implant you will need to have a healthy mouth to help ensure that any bacteria is not infecting the area of implantation. Gum disease and dental decay are the most common conditions that will affect the success of implant treatment. Gum disease in particular may prevent your implants from properly integrating with your jaw. The formation of deep mucosal pockets around the dental implant is called peri-implantitis and can cause your implant treatment to fail. For patients who have severe dental decay, this may cause problems during the healing process, the spread of bacteria can move to the implant and cause infection. During your oral assessment we will examine your mouth for any dental concerns that may interfere with the success of your treatment.

Receive a professional assessment to determine suitability

At SV Implant Centre in Fitzroy we generally say that everyone is a good candidate for dental implant surgery but your suitability will be determined during your professional assessment. Dental implants are a modern and innovative solution to replace your missing teeth; they are permanently fixed in your mouth and therefore are the closest solution to actually having your natural teeth.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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