Debunking Dental Myths

Debunking Dental Myths in Melbourne

There are a lot of myths, guestimates and misleading figures floating around in regards to dental implants, teeth and how to best look after the ones you have.

SV Implant Centre on the campus of St Vincent’s Hospital in Fitzroy is looking to bust some myths and update your arsenal of dental facts. Let’s get started…

FACT! 21% of adults aged 65 and over have none of their natural teeth

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare statistics of 2010, 21% of adults aged 65 and over have none of their natural teeth. Many adults opt for dentures or the recommended more permanent solution of dental implants. Another sometimes shocking statistic is that a whopping 47% of adults over 65 have natural teeth and also wear dentures!

Dental Health Statistics Australia

Myth: Implants can cause migraines and headaches, or allergies.

One of the more recent implant myths is that the titanium screws that are used to secure your implant can cause chronic headaches or migraines. There is actually no clinical evidence supporting any claim that the screws cause these conditions.

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Myth: If you don’t have much bone you can’t get implants

Dental implants do require a certain amount of bone to ensure the stability of the implant screw. In some cases patients don’t have enough natural bone however this issue can easily be resolved with modern bone augmentation techniques.

At SV Implant Centre we use MIS Implants. These fantastic implants have a success rate of over 97% making rough guestimates a thing of the past! MIS implants also have increased fracture resistance and provide an increased osseointegration with the bone.

If you’d like to have further questions or worries answered, book an appointment with one of the SV Implant Centre doctors at our Fitzroy clinic.

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