Why dental implants are better than crowns and bridges

Dental Implant Treatment in Melbourne

Crowns and bridges alone are becoming old fashioned dental restorations with dental implants a clearly superior alternative…

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry the number of Americans with dental implants is estimated to be about three million and rising with a long term success rate of over 95% and Australia is increasingly following suit. Decay and gum disease often contribute to the failure of fixed bridgework which is why implants are becoming a more popular solution. Statistics show that within 5-7 years, a 30% failure rate occurs in teeth next to a fixed bridge or removable partial dentures eliminating reliance on neighbouring teeth. Dental implants are a more stable alternative for missing teeth and they do not sacrifice any part of your existing tooth structure.

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At SV Implant Centre in Fitzroy, Melbourne, our team of leading dental professionals and surgeons can replace your missing teeth with top of the line products and procedures. Our visiting maxillofacial surgeon Dr Dragan Grubor is extremely experienced with treatment of the jaw, facial traumas, oral concerns and facial cysts or tumours. To learn more about oral-maxillofacial surgeons and Dr Dragan Grubor, click here.

It’s about staying educated

Innovative technology and products are continuously advancing dental work, with many dentists still practising old techniques and using old products, patients are often unaware of newer more successful alternatives. Here at SV Implant Centre we are committed to modern technology, innovation and education. By educating yourself more about implant dentistry and the industry as a whole you can be more informed about your oral health and the best treatment for your needs. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK to stay in the loop about implant dentistry.

Crowns or Implants?

Comparing crowns and implants are like comparing laptops to home computers (in terms of their technological advancement). Laptops have replaced home computers in many households around the world because of their ability to do the same job but with more advantages. You can take your laptop with you, sit it on your lap while you watch TV and they require far less space to store. Dental implants are replacing the need for crown and bridgework with the many advantages of this innovative treatment. So which would you choose? Have a look through our infographic and decide which one you would prefer…

Crowns Vs Dental Implants Melbourne


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